Rica -Ruby Internet relay Chat Agents-

Last update: Nov.11.2001.

What's Rica?

Rica is RFC1459 matched irc clients class library for Ruby 1.6.x.




Reference Manual


Rica is copyrighted free software by NISHI Takao <zophos@koka-in.org>. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under either the terms of the Artistic.

Change Log

rica-0.10 (Nov.11.2001.)
  • Rica::MessageDistributor's Excess flood protection intensified.
  • .gtkrc supported at Erica.
  • A code for connection diagnostic "connectiondiag.rb" added.
  • Buffer auto freezing supprted at Erica.
  • Some bugs in Rica::MessageDistributor are fixed.
  • A sample code of bot "rica-example.rb" includes.
rica-0.9 (Sep.26.2001.)
  • GTK application "Erica" is included.
  • Rica::Event::USER_EVENT added.
  • Rica::Message::string bug fixed.
  • A lot of Rica::LogHolder's bugs fixed.
  • Rica's formal name is changed.
rica-0.8.1 (Aug.30.2001.)
  • Repackaging, because logholder.rb is too old and has too many bugs.
rica-0.8 (Aug.29.2001.)
  • Rica::Rica renamed to Rica::MessageProcessor.
  • Message dispatch methods in Rica::Rica are moved to Rica::Event.
  • ctcpresponder.rb added. Rica::CtcpResponder moved to ctcpresponder.rb.
  • Rica::CtcpResponder.userinfo bug fixed.
  • logholder.rb added. It includes Rica::LogHolder module. But not tested.
rica-0.7 (Aug.24.2001.)
  • All modules and classes are dispositioned under Rica. Many modules and classes are renamed. Sorry for many mess.
  • Server alias support.
  • ctcpresponcer.rb is obsoluted.
  • WRITE_PRIORITY_DEFUALT changes 0.3 to 1.
rica-0.6 (Aug.23.2001.)
  • eof bug fixed.
  • auto re-connection supported.
  • Methods those matche to IrcEvent are added in Rica class.
    No longer you may not override Rica#update method.
  • ctcpresponcer.rb is revivaled. (rica_utils.rb is obsoluted.)
rica-0.5 (Mar.15.2001.)
  • Each instance of Rica has own thread.
  • IrcConnector's threads are gathered one at IrcConnectionManager.
  • Ricaco ping timeout bug fixed
rica-0.4 (Mar.5.2001.) (not issued)
  • IrcEvent changed from Class to Module
  • CtcpResponcer move to rica_utils.rb
rica-0.3 (Mar.3.2001.)
  • A bug of Link closeing is fixed.
rica-0.3pre (Mar.1.2001.)
  • Include "Ricaco".
rica-0.2 (Feb.26.2001.)
  • Added Kanji Code Option.
  • Some irc command helper added.
  • Fixed IRCNet PONG problem.
rica-0.1 (Feb.25.2001.)
  • Alpha Release